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Elevating Landscape Design with Drone Technology

This process not only speeds up the site analysis phase but also reduces overall costs by minimizing the need for repeated visits and manual labor. With this efficient approach, I can pass on the savings to you, ensuring you get a precision-tailored design at a more affordable rate.

Drone Landscape Photogrammetry Model

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Focuses on front yard design to enhance first impressions, curb appeal, and complement your home’s exterior style.





Backyard design emphasizing functionality for relaxation, entertainment, and personal use.





Comprehensive design integrating both front and back yards, ensuring a a seamless outdoor space throughout.

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Please Note: The prices listed above serve as a starting point. Final pricing will be determined after I’ve had a chance to understand your specific needs and visit your property. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive landscaping or just need help with a garden bed design, I can tailor my services to suit your project.

Happy with the design and extra happy with the turnaround time! We went with a recommended installer and the plants have grown in beautifully… my neighbour will be reaching out to you now haha! Thanks again!

Kara & Cindy

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Featured Landscape Drone Services

Orthomosaic Map

Provides to-the-inch accurate measurements and up-to-date depiction of the site, allowing for precise planning and design.

Photogrammetry Model

Offers detailed 3D representations of the project area, enabling designers to visualize and modify landscapes with precision before physical changes are made.

Point Cloud Model

Creates dense, precise digital replicas of the site, facilitating accurate measurements and advanced simulations to optimize design and installation strategies.

NDVI Plant Health Data

Empowers landscape designers with vital information on plant health, helping to tailor landscaping solutions that promote robust plant growth and sustainable ecosystems.

Base Map Site Plan

Acts as a precise reference point, incorporating all existing features into the design process to ensure comprehensive and well-informed planning.


Delivers essential insights into the terrain’s contours and elevations, crucial for any design that requires grading, drainage planning, or aesthetic landscaping based on elevation variations.

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